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J Beverly Hills Specialty

Special line of products, each with a solution for a specific problem

 Clarifier Shampoo

  • Use to rid hair of impurities, including chlorine, mineral deposits and product build-up
  • Ideal before coloring
  • Ingredients: eucalyptus extracts
  • 350 ml | 1000 ml

Solutions Shampoo

  • Healing formula to minimize symptoms associated with a problem scalp
  • Ingredients: tea tree, jojoba and rosemary mint
  • 350 ml

Blonde Shampoo

  • Reduces brassiness and enhances cool tones in blonde and grey hair
  • Hair feels manageable without residue
  • Adds lustrous shine
  • Ingredients: chamomile, blue malva, coneflower and comfrey
  • 350 ml | 1000 ml

Detangle Conditioner

  • Sealing, lightweight conditioner
  • Instantly acidifies the hair shaft, locking in color and revitalizing shine
  • Ideal for use before a chemical service or for moisture starved hair
  • Ingredients: grapefruit and alfalfa extracts
  • 250 ml

Leave On Conditioner

  • Protects hair and offers long lasting conditioning
  • Lightweight revitalization
  • Leaves the hair shaft in a soft, pliable condition
  • Ingredients: grapefruit and alfalfa
  • 250 ml

Masque Treatment

  • Improves the moisture balance of hair and scalp
  • Revitalizes the hair
  • 90 ml | 350 ml | 1000 ml