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J Beverly Hills Level 1


J Beverly Hills has recognized the need to easily identify damage so hair can be treated with the appropriate products and bring the hair back to its optimum condition. J Beverly Hills categorizes damage into four levels and gives each level a prescription of a specific J Beverly Hills Shampoo and Conditioner to assist you in properly repairing your hair back to its healthiest state.


LEVEL ONE  – EveryDay

Cuticle damage: the cuticle layer is the outer most layer of the hair shaft. When the cuticle layer is closed and compressed it reflects more light making the hair shiny and smooth.
The first level of damage the hair can sustain is to the cuticle. Level one damage is when the cuticle layer starts to open and becomes abraded.
Cause: the causes of level one damage include the use of poor quality hair products, styling tools, styling techniques , cuttings methods, as well as sun and wind exposure.
Identification: cuticle damage and velcro have similar effects, when the cuticle is raised it causes the hair to tangle. Hair that has level one damage appears to be dull and will lack luster.
EveryDay Shampoo
  • Gentle cleansing
  • Every day use
  • All types of hair
  • Refreshing Shampoo
  • Retains the moisture balance
  • Ingredients: rosemary and mango
  • 90 ml | 350 ml | 1000 ml

EveryDay Conditioner

  • For every day use
  • All types of hair
  • For weak hair
  • Corrects moisture balance and gives a high gloss shine
  • Ingredients: rosemary and mango in combination with a mix of vitamins and proteins
  • 90 ml | 350 ml | 1000 ml
Use the J Beverly Hills EveryDay Shampoo in combination with J Beverly Hills EveryDay Conditioner for the optimum result.

J Beverly Hills Level 2

 LEVEL TWO – Fragile

Moisture loss: healthy hair has the ability to retain moisture due to his intact cuticle. When the cuticle layer gets damaged and untreated, moisture deprivation begins to occur.The abraded cuticle allows free radical molecules to attach to the hair causing progressive damage.
Cause: the cause of Level two moisture loss is due to not treating Level one cuticle damage. When the hair is porous it absorbs more water when wet, yet loses even more moisture when dry.
Identification: when the hair loses its natural moisture content it also loses weight witch results in “fly aways””.The hair will also feel dry and often feels swollen, puffy and rough to the touch.

Fragile Shampoo

  • Mild cleansing of the hair
  • Gives hair a high gloss shine
  • Nourishes colored and chemically treated hair
  • Ingredients: chamomile, nettle and sage
  • 90 ml | 350 ml | 1000 ml

Fragile Conditioner

  • Restores the moisture balance
  • Gives hair a high gloss shine
  • Nourishes colored and chemical treated hair
  • Ingredients: chamomile, nettle and sage
  • 90 ml | 350 ml | 1000 ml
Use the J Beverly Hills Fragile Shampoo in combination with J Beverly Hills Conditioner for the optimum result.

 J Beverly Hills Level 3


Protein loss: hair is made up of proteins such as natural essential fatty acids and lipids, which are elements that give the hair its shine, flexibility and strength.
Cause: when the hair is parched and has lost its moisture content, it will then start to lose protein.
Identification: chemical services play a large part in protein loss. Not only does cuticle damage exist but now chemical services penetrate into the cortex of the hair and the hair’s inability to maintain moisture is also allowing protein to disperse from the hair.
Untreated Level two moisture loss will eventually result in the loss of protein, which then causes the hair to appear dull, dry, light in weight and subject to breakage and loss of pigment.
Rescue Shampoo
  • Combats accelerated hair increasing hair’s strength, elasticity and shine
  • Suited for dry and damaged hair
  • Ingredients: blueberry and grape seed extracts
  • 90 ml | 350 ml | 1000 ml

Rescue Conditioner

  • Healing benefits for damaged hair
  • Improves elasticity which makes the hair less breakable
  • Gives hair a high gloss shine
  • Ingredients: blueberry and grape seed extracts
  • 90 ml | 350 ml | 1000 ml
J Beverly Hills Level 4


Loss of elasticity: elasticity is the hair’s natural ability to stretch and retract. The hair is able to stretch about 50 % from its natural length and retract when wet. When the hair has Level four damage it will stretch until it breaks.
Cause: the loss of elasticity is the result of hair losing so much moisture and protein that it now loses strength and is unable to stay intact. Overlooking Level three damage as well as double-process chemical services will result in breakage and loss of elasticity. The hair will have breakage, look dry and feel rough.
Identification: when the hair has experienced the loss of elasticity it tends to be dull, dry, rough and lifeless, and eventually result in breakage.


Purity Shampoo

  • Protects hair from oxidative radicals
  • Rejuvenates tired hair
  • Improves elasticity
  • Sooths a dry and irritated scalp
  • Ingredients: vitamin B3, heliogenol, green tea, cucumber and aloe extracts
  • 100 ml | 475 ml | 1000 ml


Nourish Reconditioner

  • Feeds the hair with essential oils
  • Provides external smoothing and internal strengthening
  • 60 g | 170 g | 510 g


Repair Replenish

  • Oil, reconstructive treatment, transforms tired, stressed hair into resilient, ageless tresses, internally detoxifies hair follicles
  • Improves circulation, replenishes, repairs damaged bonds
  • Restores hair’s natural vibrancy
  • Ingredients: coconut oil, silk amino acids, keratin amino acids, antioxidants
  • 4 x 20 g

Revive Oil

  • Protects hair against heath-sources
  • Perfect using before blowdrying and using a flat iron
  • Gives hair a gloss shine
  • 100 ml | 100 ml


Dry Clean Shampoo

  • Cleansing of the hair
  • Healing and moisturizing of the scalp
  • Ingredients: tea tree, rosemary and lavender-extracts
  • 95 ml |220 ml

Take Shape

  • Medium hold spray
  • Combats free radical damage
  • Remarkable high gloss shine
  • Adds volume and control with a dry finish
  • 100 ml | 225 ml

Renewing Hair Regime

  • 5 in 1 styling emulsion
  • Offers shine, moisture, strength, de-frizz and heat protection
  • Restores hair to a more manageable, silk smooth feeling
  • Increases the condition of the hair
  • Protects the hair against heat, humidity and the effect of ultra violet light
  • All hair types
  • Ingredients: grape seed, coconut oil, vitamin B5
  • 250 ml
J Beverly Hills Platinum Treatment.Use the Purity Shampoo in combination with J Beverly Hills Nourish Reconditioner and J Beverly Hills Repair Replenish. This intense treatment gives hair a healthy look.